Research and development

As a part of the process of diversification of its activities in Consortium PRGiBSz SA, the Department of Fuel Innovative Technologies , was created and its actions include among others:

  • monitoring the surroundings concerning the selection of fuel techniques and technologies based on coal and possible to be implemented,
  • analysis of scientific, technical and business information,
  • making initial marketing analyses and energy balances/estimations as well as financial analyses for the projects/ideas with high innovative potential, presentation of business models and financing methods,
  • organisation and realisation of the projects chosen by the Management Board,
by cooperation with Universities, Institutes, Energy Companies and experts in the fuel technology

While realising the established policy, on 19 December 2016 the Management Board of KPRGiBSz SA signed the cooperation agreement between AGH and Konsorcjum Przedsiębiorstw Robót Górniczych i Budowy Szybów SA. The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to make use of the experience and scientific achievements of the AGH and Consortium's potential and position for further actions for the benefit of both parties. The following directions of cooperation have been agreed:

  • initiating the research and development works,
  • activation and realisation of the research and development projects,
  • development and implementation of innovative technological solutions.

The first mutual undertaking will be focused on the pure coal technologies – coal-water fuels.

The cooperation in favour of the use of low calorific value coal for energetic purposes by implementing the competence, experiences and technologies offered by KPRGiBSz SA has been also declared by “Węglokoks Energia” Sp. z o.o.

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