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Konsorcjum Przedsiębiorstw Robót Górniczych i Budowy Szybów Spółka Akcyjna is a big company specialising in the field of underground construction, which has strong established position in the sector and has been operating since 1996.

We manage effectively and we are flexible enough to execute even the most unconventional projects efficiently and comprehensively, according to our customers' needs and expectations (from design to execution). We treat each investment individually, which is confirmed by our investors' references.


The main potential of the Consortium is its crew: engineers, technicians and miners with big professional experience, relevant certificates and powers as well as knowledge indispensable while executing specialist underground works.

We invest in the equipment. We put great emphasis on the long-term growth of the Company’s value. The adopted strategy of mechanisation is aimed at both increasing specialist machinery park and its optimal use as well as indicating future orientations in the range of Company's mechanisation and equipment.
Konsorcjum Przedsiębiorstw Robót Górniczych i Budowy Szybów SA w restrukturyzacji ul. Mikołowska 29, 41-400 Mysłowice
KRS 0000061876, Sąd Rejonowy w Katowicach Wydział Gospodarczy, REGON 273298580, NIP PL 954-18-75-648, Kapitał Zakładowy 2.500.020PLN
Konsorcjum PRG i BSz SA

ul. Mikołowska 29
41-400 Mysłowice

tel. 32/317 15 01
e-mail: zarzad@kprgibsz.com.pl
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